Burp Suite : Remotely Interception

In last tutorial we discuss about the interception of internet data through the burp suite, and now we will discuss about the remotely interception of internet data (within the network). By doing this you can find out the username password, chat and any information that he is doing on his system.

Now I’ll tell you how you can do this –

You have to configure burp suite in your system like this :

And these are the settings that you have to do in remote system :

Now your burp suite will work as a proxy and each and every request that another makes to internet will go through your Burp Suite and you can capture the data or request on your system. After doing all these settings your all work is done now you have to only capture the data and modify according to you as show in images:

In this image it’s showing the password and email used in the facebook :

After that you can directly edit any information by clicking on that particular place and change the information and just click on forward then the information that is given by you is go to the server and user get the result according to that information provided by you, even if he is chatting to any body like this you can change the chat talks b/w them without going on his system or without interrupting him.

In the next tutorial we will learn about Burp Suite : Repeater.

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