Get Free Likes on Facebook, Increase Likes On Your Facebook Status.

After a Long Time away from posting tutorials here’s an interesting Post of How To Get Facebook Likes On Facebook Status, Facebook Photo, Free Feed In Just A Minute Free Of Cost Through Free Online Service.”Many a time i also try to get more Facebook likes on my status or pic that i upload my i have few friends so tried to search many software of services but they ask for $$$ to give likes on my status or photo, My friends were also asking about it or you will have to pay facebook to promote the status of picture.

Finally i found few websites online to let me do so in few simple steps:

  1. ALLOW Facebook Subscribers [Settings].
  2. Click Here And Allow Permission To xPeria To Get Access Token
  3. Enter that Access Token in the Site here : Likelo.


After you enter your access token URL in the box your Open Graph Profile will be loaded in Likelo. Submit Status/Photo you want like for.

List of Other not much trusted like sites like Likelo :

Some General FAQs:

Q1) I Am Not Getting My “AccessToken” Code?

Ans) Remove The Allowed Apps, Clear Your Browsers Cookies, Clear Your Browsers Cache, Change Your Facebook Profile Password And Try Again.

Q2)  Can I Get Likes On My Facebook FanPages Or FaceBook Groups Status, Photos?

Ans) No, This Program Is Only For Your Profile Status, Feeds And Photos.

Q3) What Is The “{Object}” Term?

Ans) Object Means Your Status, Feeds And Photos.

Q4) How To Make My Status “Public”?

Ans) When Your Are Posting Any Status Or Photo, Just Hold A Second And Open The Light “Gray Button” Just At The Left Site Of “Post” Button And Scroll Down To “Public”And Select It, Then Click On “Post” To Published Your Status.

Q5) What About This Error?

ERROR : Non Public Privacy

Privacy Of The Requested {Object} Is Not Public

Ans) Your Object Is Not Public, First Make It Public To Get Likes.

Q6) What About This?

Processing Your Request! Please Do Not Hit Browsers Back Button Or Refresh, This Might Take A Few Minutes

Ans)You Are Getting Likes, Please Wait.

Q7) How To Allow Subscriber To Your Own Facebook Profile?

Ans) Go To This Link And Click To “Allow Subscriber”.

Q8) How To Set Up My Public Profile To Subscribers?

Ans) Go To This Link And Change Your Setting.

Q9) What About This?

ERROR : Multiple Execution

Getting Likes On A Single {Object} Twice Is Not AllowedAns) You Can Not Get Likes On A Smae Status, Feeed Or Photo Twice.

Q10) How To LogOut From This Site?

Ans) Go To “Logout” Button At The Top Right Corner Of Site And Click It To Be LogOut. Or If You Were Logout From Facebook, You Will Be Automatically Logout From Here.

Q11) Site Is Not Opening?

Ans) There Is A Server Maintaince Time, Please Wait Few Minute And Try Again Later.

Q12) What About This Error?

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Facebook in /home/likelo/public_html/application/libraries/facebook.php on line 14

Ans) This Feed/Status Is Either Not Public Or Did Not Get By Program Properly, Please Clear Your Browsers Cookies And Clear Your Browsers Cache Then Try Again.

Q13) What Is The Idea Behind This?

Ans) We Does Not Provide Fake Likes, We Just Exchange Likes With Our Users Like If You Add Anything (Status, Photo, Feed) You Will Be Liked By Our Other Users And When They Submit Anything, Then They Will Get Likes From Yours

Q14) I Am Liking Others Content, Why?

Ans) Yes, We Exchange Likes So According To Our Rule, You Must Have To Like Others Object In Order To Get Likes. If You Don’t Want To Like Others Object, You Have To Leave This By Changing Your Facebook Password That Will Change Your Access Token And Will Be Removed From Our List.

Q15) I Have A Other Problem?

Ans) Shoot Us An E-Mail To admin@likelo.com

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        1. i’ve treid everything there 🙁 all didnt work except for likelo. i hope you have another site for like exchange or a site/page where we could post our pictures, status,and other posts so everyone who is signed in could hit like. 🙂 hehe just a suggestion 🙂 sorry for being despirate

  1. ERROR : Multiple Execution
    Getting Likes On A Single {Object} Twice Is Not AllowedAns) You Can Not Get Likes On A Smae Status, Feeed Or Photo Twice.

    iam getting this how to deal with this error…

  2. Hey i used it and got likes but then i changed my facebook password and i no longer get likes i am afraid i was removed from the list like you said i need help how do i get back in likelo again pla ASAP???????????

  3. Hey i used it and got likes but then i
    changed my facebook password and i
    no longer get like it open i dont see any photo or satus there is ooption of status and photo but there is no photo or status in it

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