Making a Trojan Using Beast 2.06

Making a Trojan Using Beast 2.06

Step 1 :- Download The necessary software Form Hacking Tech Market.

Step 2 :- Unrar the pack.

Step 3 :- Open The software you will get the screen as shown below.

Step 4 :- Now Click on ” Build server ” button.

Step 5 :- Now in this window click on the notifications Tab.

Step 6 :- In the notifications tab click on the e-mail button.

Step 7 :- Now In this window fill your proper and valid email id.

Step 8 :- Now Go to “AV-FW kill ” tab.

Step 9 : – Now In this put a tick mark on the ” disable XP firewall “.

Step 10 :- Now Click on “EXE icon ” tab.

Step 11 :-  In this tab select any icon for the file from the list or you can browse the icon from the directory and can use it.

Step 12 :- Now click on the  ” Save Server ” button and the Trojan Will be made.

Step 13 :- Now Send this Trojan File to victim.

Step 14 :- As and when the victim will install the trojan on his system you will get a notification e-mail on your specified e-mail id while making the trojan. This Email consist of the IP address and port of the victim.

Step 15 :- Put This IP address and Port in the place shown in the below snap-shot.

Step 16 :- After That Click on the “Go Beast ” Button and You will be connected to victims PC.

Step 17 :-  Now Select the action or task you want to execute on victims PC form the given list.

Step 18 :- Now to destroy or kill the trojan click on the ” server ”  tab from the menu.

Step 19 :- Now Click on the ” Kill Server ” button and the trojan will be destroyed from the victims PC.

Step 20 :- You are Done Now.

NOTE :- Do Not Harm or destroy any ones PC this tutorial is for educational Purpose.

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